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Academic and Emotional Testing for Youth and Adults

Academic Testing

All parents want their children to succeed, but school and emotional problems can get in the way of that success. Perhaps it’s a problem with attention and concentration, memory, or learning. The teacher has run out of ideas to be helpful and homework time has become a struggle that nobody wanted. Our psychologists have the training and expertise to evaluate the cognitive, academic, and emotional functioning of all individuals, regardless of age. We routinely assess intelligence, attention (ADHD), reading, spelling, and math, as well as emotional issues such as depression and anxiety. Our evaluations extend well beyond a simple interview. We choose from a variety of tests to tailor an assessment for your child that will answer your specific questions. We typically receive testing referrals from physicians, teachers, and other therapists who are looking for a differential diagnosis.

And because not only children face challenges, we offer similar evaluations for adults. Following the assessment, your psychologist will sit down with you and go over the results addressing both strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, practical recommendations will be offered for school, work, and home. With all assessments, we offer a full written report of the test findings and recommendations. We furnish more than answers. We provide a roadmap to success.